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Surface Type TILE

There are typically two places in a home where you'll find tile installed - the kitchen and the bathroom.  In the kitchen, tile can be found on the countertops and backsplashes.  In the bathroom, tile can be on the walls surrounding a bathtub, on a countertop, or on the bathroom walls.


We refinish countertops only in a MultiSpec finish, for these reasons:

  • By its very nature, a MultiSpec finish hides a multitude of flaws that solid finishes cannot.
  • A MultiSpec finish gives a beautiful contrast to an existing solid color finish on a bathtub, shower, or floor tile.
  • MultiSpec instantly updates a bathroom by removing undesirable colors like pink, green, or blue by giving the appearance of granite.

Refinishing in a solid color allows the minuscule particles that float through the air during the refinishing process to get permanently caught in the finish, which can and will be seen.  Also, if you happen to chip the surface, it would be more noticeable on a solid color finish than it would be on a MultiSpec finish.

MultiSpec is a uniquely decorative paint that consists of individual flecks of different colors, subtly blended to achieve the natural appearance of such materials as granite, cork, leather, and stone.  The finish is durable, and the stone look is truly custom.

PRICING:  To get a general idea of the cost of refinishing countertops in MultiSpec, multiply the square footage by $30, then add $75 for each cultured marble sink.


A lot of the older homes near downtown Dallas and Fort Worth have colored tile, like pink, green, or blue surrounding the bathtub, as well as on the bathroom walls and countertops.  We can refinish all of the tile in the bathroom except the floor tile (our process isn't designed to be walked on). PRICING:  To get a general idea of the cost of refinishing wall tile, multiply the square footage by $13.50.


Sometimes you may not need to have the tile refinished!  If the wall behind the tile is integrous and all that's wrong is the tile looks dirty and dingy, we can clean it to make it look good again (this is not an ordinary type clean that you would do). 

In order for that to work, however, that means no loose tiles, no leaks, and grout in place.  Ask us about that option.


We cannot refinish TILED shower floors.  Why?  Because it's the nature of a shower pan to hold moisture, and that moisture can work its way up through the grout lines and eventually cause the surface to bubble and peel.  Our workaround is to replace the floor when refinishing the wall tile in a shower.  When sending pictures of your shower floor, please include the measurements, which usually range from 3x3 to 3x5.