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Surface Type  FORMICA

A lot of today's countertops are made of granite, but when we think of the older-type kitchen laminate countertops, we usually think of the word "formica".  Formica is not the name of this laminate, however.  It is actually the name of the company that manufactured that popular laminated composite material used to build most kitchen countertops back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  So, since the 1950s, the word "formica" has become synonymous with its classic product, a heat-resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate used almost exclusively for kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Countertops

Most kitchen countertops, especially in older homes, are made of formica, although they can be made of tile or butcher block. We only use a MultiSpec finish - not a solid color finish - to refinish kitchen countertops.  Why?  Because kitchen countertops get a lot of use and abuse,  which requires a sealer top coat for durability.  In addition to that, a solid color finish would show flaws too easily for kitchen use.  

Kitchen Formica Before and After Refinishing

The MultiSpec finish is designed not only to hide flaws, but also to give the appearance of granite. What is MultiSpec?  It is a uniquely decorative paint that consists of individual flecks of different colors, subtly blended to achieve the natural appearance of granite.  This coating is actually encapsulated paint balls that when shot out of the spray gun, explode onto the countertop in a random pattern, which gives the surface the look of granite.  The finish is durable, and the stone look is truly custom.  Click HERE to see all the MultiSpec color themes.

To get a quick bid, send an email with pictures of the countertops, along with measurements (length of each countertop or backsplash).