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Cultured Marble is a man-made material that is non-porous and low-maintenance, primarily used for bathroom fixtures like tubs, countertops, sinks, and showers. Cultured Marble can mimic the appearance of granite or marble, and has a high-gloss finish that offers durability and resistance to stains, chipping, and abrasion.


All cultured marble bathtubs are over-sized.  Some are jetted, and some can even have a step or a ledge as part of the tub. Because cultured marble bathtubs can be any size or shape, we will need pictures and 3 measurements (length, width, and depth) to get you an estimate for refinishing.

When taking these measurements, do not dip down into the tub.  Instead, just measure straight across the tub from front to back for length; side to side for width; and for the depth, measure from the outside of the tub starting at the floor and go straight up vertically to the top of the tub.  The best pictures will include an overall image of the tub so that I can see how it sits in the room, as well as specific images of damage (rust, chips, stains, cracks, pits).

Our pricing is based on a white or off-white finish, but if you want another color, you can choose from our solid color finishes. You'll notice there are no dark colors offered because we do not refinish in dark colors.  That's because even in the semi-sterile environment we try to create, there are still minute dust particles that float through the air that can and will be seen on a dark surface.  

If you don't need a special order color and are just trying to match the color to an existing toilet or countertop that is some variation of white or off-white, Jim has a great eye for color, and can tint the pure white color he starts with to get close to the color you're trying to match.


If you have a cultured marble shower unit, the best way to spruce it up is to have it refinished, especially if the finish has gotten dull.  Showers can be any size or shape, so we will need pictures, and measurements for the length and width of the shower walls and the shower floor in order to give you an accurate bid.

Also, if you are planning on replacing your shower doors, the time for refinishing is after the doors have been removed while waiting for the new doors to arrive.  Be sure to allow a few days after refinishing before scheduling the new door installation.


We rarely see cultured marble shower floors, but they are out there. Because the floor is what gets used the most, there can be times when the walls of your shower still look good, but the floor you stand on looks really bad.  That's no problem, because we can refinish just the shower floor without having to refinish the shower walls.  To get an estimate, please send pictures of your shower floor, and include the measurements, which usually range from 3x3 to 3x5.


One of the most obvious characteristics of Cultured Marble is its 'swirly', 'speckled', or 'veiny' design.  Because of that reason, we cannot repair cultured marble without refinishing the entire piece afterwards.  There is no way to match that 'built-in' cultured marble look during a repair.