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CHIP REPAIR Because Accidents Happen

Chip Repair

Bathtub chip repair.  Sink chip repair.  From hammers dropping into tubs, to soap dishes and towel bars falling off the wall, chips can happen in homes under construction, in homes just built, and in homes lived in for years! We've been repairing chips in bathtubs and sinks for homebuilders and homeowners across the DFW for many years.  Bathtub chip repair and sink chip repair are our specialities.  

Porcelain, Fiberglass, and Acrylic Chip Repair

The good news is just because a porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic bathtub or sink has chips, nicks, or scratches, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be completely refinished.

Chip RepairIf the damage is located above the water line, it can be repaired without being refinished afterwards.  However, if the damage is located below the water line, it must be refinished after the repair in order to seal the repair. That's because we use an airbrush to apply the color, and there are exposed edges around the repair that are susceptible to lifting when under water, so the repair may eventually loosen and float away.  In cases like this, we recommend refinishing, so the repair can be sealed and the work can be guaranteed.  

Cultured Marble Repair

Unlike porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass surfaces, chip repair on cultured marble is not possible without refinishing afterwards, no matter where the damage is located.  Why?  Because cultured marble by its very design usually has a swirly or speckled appearance and cannot be duplicated by airbrushing or refinishing. 

The only way we can repair damage to cultured marble is to refinish it in a solid color finish afterwards; otherwise, you will see the repair and its exposed edges would be susceptible to lifting when under water.

It Takes an Expert

In most cases, professional chip repair in a tub or sink means you won't be able to see the damage after the repair, and it takes years of experience to do that.  That kind of precision chip repair requires an expert in color matching, even for white tubs, because there are many shades of white.

Did you know white tubs can have a gray, brown, or even yellow hue to them?  Thankfully, Jim has a great eye for color.  It enables him to start out with a pure white color, and tint it on-site to match the color he is repairing.  And speaking of repairs, the area around the damage must first be meticulously cleaned, then filled contoured with filler by sanding it smooth.  

The last step in chip repair requires an airbrush expert with a light and steady hand.  After getting the color matched, it is sprayed onto the repaired damaged area and carefully feathered in to blend with the surrounding surface.  Yes, there's a lot of steps to professional chip repair.  PRICING:  Our minimum chip repair charge is $125.

Chip Repair Warranty

Chip Repair (if damage is located above the water line) is guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship and material.  Rust repairs are warrantied for the original repair only, because some tubs and sinks may continue to rust from the inside out.  In addition, repairs on cracks caused by external factors (foundation movement or improper installation), as well as chips located below the water line, cannot be warrantied.