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For Bathtubs, Sinks, Showers, and Wall Tile

Our pricing is based on a white or off-white finish, but if you want another color, you can choose from one of our solid color finishes below, as we can special order ($75) our refinishing process in any of these colors.  Alternately, you can see a more extensive color chart here.

Hover your mouse over the color to see the name of the color.  You'll notice there are no dark colors offered because we do not refinish in dark colors. Why? Because even in the semi-sterile environment we try to create, there are still minute dust particles that float through the air that can be seen on a dark surface.

If you don't need a special order color and are just trying to match the color to an existing toilet or countertop that is some variation of white or off-white, Jim has a great eye for color, and can tint the pure white color he starts off with to get close to the color you're trying to match.